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Updated September 19, 2007

Bogaro & Clemente Violin and Viola Chinrests

Chinrests - Pegs - Tailpieces - Endpins - Fitting Sets

Chinrests for Violin and Viola

Quality Chin Rests and Parts

Quaility, affordable chinrests, plastic, composite and wood models. Also chin rest clamps, and chin comforters.

JSB Chinrests

JSB chinrests offer higher quality wood and workmanship. Being noticeably more refined in work and style, they present a more elegant fitting option at a reasonable price.

JSB Fine Fittings Chinrests

These are among the finest chinrests we have seen - the quality of wood, workmanship, finish, and design are exceptional. They are fitted with Hill-style, black anodized aluminum clamps.

B&C Chinrests (this page)

Bogaro & Clemente Chinrests
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157E B&C (side mount model), Ebony
157R B&C (side mount model), Rosewood
157B B&C (side mount model), Boxwood
157P B&C (side mount model), Pernambucco
157S B&C (side mount model), Snakewood

155E B&C Guarneri model, Ebony
155R B&C Guarneri model, Rosewood
155B B&C Guarneri model, Boxwood
155P B&C Guarneri model, Pernambucco
155S B&C Guarneri model, Snakewood

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