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Updated September 14, 2007

Fine Tuners by Wittner

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These string adjusters are made in Germany by Wittner.

Fine tuners are usually used on the thinnest string of an instrument, though may be used on all four strings. Their purpose is to perform small adjustments in tuning (with more precision than the pegs can normally tune). If adjusters are desired on all 4 strings, we recommend using a tailpiece with built in tuners, as they are lighter, and sound better (4 metal adjusters can be like a mute due to their weight).
Tailpieces with fine tuners built in can be found on this page.

Steel and steel core strings tend to be more difficult to tune than gut or synthetic core strings, and are thus more suited to fine tuners.


Fine Tuners
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#902 American Model

Nickel, designed for loop and ball end strings

#903 Fix Model (4/4, 3/4)

Black, 2 prong, for ball and loop end.

#903.2 Fix Model (1/2, 1/4)

As 903 above, small size

#904 Fix Model, Gilt screws

Gilt screws, 2 prong, for ball and loop end.

#905 English Type

Browned, for loop end strings only.

#906 English Type

Browned with gilt screws, for loop end strings.
#906P E-String Protector (shown)

For English type #905 and #906. 8 pieces. Holds to loop by friction. Helps prevent string breakage at loop.
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