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Updated June 22, 2007

Fittings for Violin, Viola and Cello

Fitting Sets

J.S.B. Fine Fittings Sets
B&C Professional Fittings Sets
Otto Tempel Fittings Sets


Composite Chinrests
Wood Chinrests
JSB Chinrests
B&C Chinrests
Les Bois d'Harmonie Chinrests
Otto Tempel Chinrests
Chinrest clamps and accessories


Quality Wood Pegs
B&C Pegs
JSB Fine Fittings Pegs
Otto Tempel Pegs

Bass machineBass Machine Heads

High quality, German made brass machine heads.


Wittner Tailpieces
Wooden tailpieces
JSB Pusch Tailpieces
B&C Tailpieces
Les Bois d'Harmonie tailpieces
JSB Tailpieces
Otto Tempel Tailpieces


Wooden Endpins
JSB Fine Fittings Endpins
B&C Endpins
Otto Tempel Endpins
Cello and Bass Endpins


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