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Updated September 19, 2007

Fittings Sets for Violin

Chinrests - Pegs - Tailpieces - Endpins - Fitting Sets

All of the sets we offer are are composed of highest quality European-made fittings, worthy to adorn the finest string instruments.Their wood, workmanship, and finish are of highest caliber.

J.S.B. Fine Fittings Sets

J.S.B. Fine Fittings use only the best of materials and are finished to the finest level of workmanship. All Boxwood used is Genuine European Boxwood.

B&C Pro. Fittings Sets

B&C fittings are high quality, artisan hand-made of choice woods. Chinrests are fitted with Titanium Hill style fittings. Cello tailpieces have built-in carbon fine tuners that are completely removable as desired. Cello endpins have carbon rods with specially hardened tips.

Otto Tempel Fittings Sets (this page)

High quality German fittings from the renowned "Otto Tempel".

Otto Tempel Fitting Sets for Violin
Click here for prices and more information.

These quality sets include 4 pegs, tailpiece, and endpin (no tailgut or chinrest).


Heart Model, with tulip tailpiece

#087BE Boxwood flamed / black

#087BW Boxwood flamed / white

#087BEG1 Boxwood flamed / black with gold lily inlay

#087BEG2 Boxwood flamed/ black with gold lyre inlay

Heart Model, with Hill tailpiece

#087PBW Boxwood flamed / black

#087PBE Boxwood flamed / white


Lily set

Hand Carved sets

#088BE "The Lily", Boxwood / black

#088BW "The Lily", Boxwood / white

#088BE "The Violinist", Boxwood / black

#088BW "The Violinist", Boxwood / white

#088BE "The Shawm Player", Boxwood / black

#088BW "The Shawm Player", Boxwood / white


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