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These books and many more are available from http://www.violins.on.ca/books.html.

Violin Making Books from Henry Strobel

    • Violin Making, Step by Step
    • Viola Making, Step by Step
    • Cello Making, Step by Step
    • Art and Method of the Violin Maker
    • Useful Measurements for Violin Makers
    • Violin Maker's Notebook
    • Health of the Violin, Viola and Cello
    • How to IMPROVE the RESONANCE CONDITIONS of Musical Instruments by VIBRATION-DEDAMPING, Elimination of Wolf Notes, Other Adjustments by Prof. Gerhard A. V. Reumont, Translated from the original German by Lothar Tews, First English Edition.

Strobel's books are so handy and informative that no violin shop should be without them.

Updated Apr. 18/04