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Resources - How to Set a Sound Post

Introduction: Basic theory of the sound post
Part 1: About the soundpost setter, and choosing the wood
Part 2: Determining the height and fitting the post
Part 3: Positioning and adjusting the post

Part 1: About the Sound Post Setter, and Choosing the Wood

A: The Sound Post Setter

The sound post setter is a small metal tool about 23cm/9" long. The sharp point at one end is pressed into the post to hold it for inserting into the instrument. The other end, which looks like a hand, is for moving the post once it has been placed in the instrument. (Sound post setters available here).

B: Selecting the Wood

The post is made of a dowel of spruce, usually about 5.5-6mm in diameter for a full size violin. The post must be small enough to fit through the f-hole at the notches, which is usually the widest point. This is true for all instruments (from the smallest violin to the largest bass). The grain should be fine, straight and even, preferably matching the wood that was used in the top of the instrument. So if the to plate instrument is coarsely grained, use a post with wider grain; if it is filely grained, use a post that has closer growth rings. (Sound post material available here).

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