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Updated April 18, 2007

Violin Making Supplies and Materials


Sound posts, bass bars, bushings, purfling, finger boards, nuts, saddles, peg paste, cleaner polish, hide glue (dry)


Bridges for violin, viola, cello and bass.


Fine European tone wood for violin, viola, cello and bass


A large selection of luthier tools, including calipers, clamps and bending irons

Bow Parts

- Frogs
- Buttons, screws and eyelets
- Tips, slides, ferrules and lapping
- Bow Hair

Violin Varnish

- JOHA Oil and Spirit Violin Varnish
- Varnish gums, resins, natural dyes, volatile oils, polish and cleaners
- Varnish recipes
- Glossary of varnish ingredients


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