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Updated September 27, 2007

Customer Testimonials


Hi Leif
I got the fittings this morning and delivered them to my violin guy to get them put on. Thanks so much they are indeed GORGEOUS! If anyone ask me which I'm sure you will I'll be sure and refer them your way. Thanks again
- Cenovia Cummins, USA
I just wanted to say that the violin case arrved perfectly and that I am very happy with your system because it worked better than expected. The case arrived on saturday, just a few days after I made my order to you. The pacage presented no damage. So thanks again and I'm glad to say I will surely order some new things from you. - S.P., Spain
Dear Luscombe Violins Inc,
My Duralite Tuba Gig Bag arrived this morning, exactly as planned. I am very impressed with every aspect of this purchase, from the freindly,efficient advice and service to the design and quality of the product. Its a perfect fit,its durable, it looks nice - unlike my old tuba, its secure (the extra removable pad is a welcome additional safety feature); and last, but not least, the dual function carrying straps are ideal when I will have a trombone in one hand and a suit/ mute bag in the other !!!! - need I go on ? I shall not hesitate to recommend the said bag to all and sundry in the course of my work. Thanks again. Yours sincerely,
Barry D. United Kingdom
Hi - just letting you know the violin case arrived safely on the 19th. I'm very pleased with it and look forward to using it over the years to come. With thanks, S. Morley, Australia
Hi Leif, I recieved the cello top wood and am pleased with it. Thank you. work! Steve USA
I recieved the books yesterday october 18 . Everything OK. Very nice books!
Best regards,
O.S., Holland
Thank you so much -- the parcel was waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday! I'll have to get the pegs fit at some other time after the memorial service, but most importantly the tailpiece is in place and it sounds wonderful. I've always loved my "lesser quality" violin...and
it's great to be able to give it the pieces that it deserves. Thank you again,
R. Finley, USA
My wife who is a professional seamstress gives your material and workmanship an "A". High praise coming from an extreme nit picker on those things. The bag fits my Yamaha Eb tuba PERFECTLY. Where the handles are located gives me PERFECT balance when carrying the thing with my right hand. A Most Excellent Product. Carl Webster, TubaEuph Mailing List Owner
Gig bag arrived in good order this AM [ Thurs]. Just 48 hours from ordering to delivery on my doorstep. That is excellent service..Thank you. - T. Webb, B.C., Canada
Good day Leif,
Here's just a quick note to let you know that the cello bow arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Thanks again for your prompt service. The bow works well with the borrowed cello that I currently have. Now its only hours of practice required.
Best regards,
D. Freeman, Ontario
The book has arrived. I gave my Italian edition to a violin maker, but the English looks great and with a good translation. I am planning to buy other books in the near future, you have an outstanding catalogue. Thank you very much,
A.B., Connecticut
The book and plans both arrived early this morning. Thank you very much for the prompt despatch. My first project is to repair an old, but poorly maintained, double bass which has a broken neck. I shall start with a good read using you book and build from there.
Once again, many thanks, Kind regards,
P. Dixon, United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Luscombe - Am very happy with the wood that arrived today. I'll be placing more orders in the near future. Best wishes, B. Kerr, USA
Sirs, My Tapered Reamer arrived today via UPS. It works beautifully! I'll order from you when I need something else. Thanks, E. Mathews, USA
I received the Harmonie cello tailpiece, and it works very well. The sound of my cello opened up immediately with no break-in period. Also, I finally eliminated the annoying rattles and buzzes from the fine tuners.
I appreciate your promptness of service and commend you on an excellent product, one that I can recommend highly to my students.

David Littrell
Distinguished Professor of Music
Kansas State University
President, ASTA with NSOA
Conductor, KSU Orchestra
I just wanted to let you know I received the shipment today. Everything was in excellent condition. The shipment got here quickly. It was a true pleasure doing business with you. Next time I need to order, I'll be going back to your website. Thanks, J. Smith, AL USA
Where do I begin? Thank you for all your patience, advice and knowledge regarding the recent purchase of my violin. I love it. Having been disappointed with previous violin purchases in the past, it was very reassuring to deal with someone of your calibre and expertise.
The violin is absolutely beautiful and the sound is incredible! I have barely been able to put it down this past week. Today I took it to my lesson and my instructor was very impressed, both at the quality of the workmanship and the wonderful, sweet sound it produced. Actually, he thought we would have paid much more for the instrument. I would highly recommend you to anyone (beginner or professional) that is seriously looking to purchase a quality violin at a reasonable price.
Thanks again. Take care, God Bless,
Kevin C., Ontario, Canada
This is just a quick note to thank you and Violin Supply for your help with my recent internet order. Throughout, your service was great- fast responses to my questions, and I was always kept informed as to what was happening. The tools I ordered arrived safely in Sydney, in perfect condition and on schedule, so I look forward to doing business with Violin Supply again in future! Thanks once again, Brian T., Australia
Thank you very much!! I received the bow and am very happy with my purchase. I will recommend you guys to my friends. Sincerely, Jeff A., PA USA
Received my new Yuan Ji violin all in good order. I am very happy with the quality of workmanship and sound. Happy fiddling and thank you. Sincerely, D. Allen, Ontario, Canada
Leif, I received my order intact. The wood looks very good. Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to working with you in the future. M. Smith, PA, USA
Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me. You are very knowledgeable, and obviously dedicated to quality customer service. It is nice to know that you play and test the violins that you carry yourself. I know that when I went to the local music shops, they had no idea of their product. You have been most helpful, and I know that my son will receive a high quality violin. ...
You are welcome to use my comments in your testimonial page. It was such a wonderful experience for us to be able to purchase a violin from someone who personally picked and really knew in detail about all the violins in your store's inventory! I had been so frustrated with going to a music store and just having them show me a high priced violin and telling me it was the best just because it was made in Germany. Since they did not know how to play the violin like you do, they could not tell me about sound quality or any other details on the violins. Your knowledge of the instrument and the various makers made me comfortable with your recommendations for a violin for our son. ... With great thanks,
Linda Desens, USA
Dear Mr. Luscombe, I received my bow in the mail today, and I can say that after just a few minutes playing it, I can notice the drastic difference between it and the bow I had from my school. Thank you very much for you service, I appreciate it immensely. Brent Edmondson, DE, USA
The double case came yesterday, Saturday, May 25. Thank you very much for the quick shipment! The case is just what I expected, and I thank you very much... I particularly like how easily the case latches; and also the padded nature of the cover. Thanks for everything!
Best regards,
Joan C., Minnesota
My viola bow arrived safely. It is beautiful and I just love it. Again, thank you for all your help and I will be sure to recommend you to my string playing friends. Sheila S., Michigan
I received my parcel today. The pegs fit my fiddle perfectly. Thank you very much for your service. I found that it was very easy to order from your company. I will look forward to doing more musically inclined ordering from you in the future.
Thanks again,
Lauren Lee, Oklahoma
I recently purchased your small tuba bag for my F tuba. It is terrific. I was pleased that your product had such high quality at such a fair price. I will reccomend you to my collegues. Doug Whitten, Idaho
Hi. Thank you for your excellent service, the package arrived yesterday. I shall certainly return to you when funds allow! Regards,
Jonathan Chapter, England
Hello, I picked up my order today and am very happy with it! It looks like a very nice case that will serve my husband well as he uses it to replace a very dilapidated one. It is a surprise for his birthday later this week and so I really appreciate the prompt service! Thank you very much!
Tami C., Missouri
I just wanted to reply, in these busy times I had not gotten back. My wife loved the Violin bow. Her old one broke and I took the hint to get one for her birthday. Your packaging and quality of service were supreme. I thank you for prompt and courteous service. Yours Truly,
David Urban, USA
Navigating through the Net looking for a violin I came across Leif Luscombe Violins. With certain caution I expressed my desire. I informed Mr. Luscombe that I knew very little about violins, that I was going to put my trust in him. The exchange of Emails established right away confidence. It almost seemed I was at the store, such was the quality of the service offered. The instrument received was exactly what I need. I hope you continue to help other wanderers of the Net! Carlos Vélez Guevara, Puerto Rico
"Dear Fine Folks at Luscombe Violins Inc.,
My (high school age) daughter was given the opportunity to choose any violin case she wanted as her birthday present. She is an excellent violinist and takes exceptional care of her antique violin. She searched all the local stores and every site on the web. She was most impressed by your Explorer Oblong Violin Case. So, we purchased it (and a wolfe shoulder rest) with much help on your part...Thank you. She is soooooo very, very happy with both. The case is wonderfully classy and well made. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to do business with you. Thank you again."
J. Gast Aurora, CO USA
My order of 1704 varnish supplies, plus polishes and books arrived in Topeka Kansas safe and sound. Of course being a native Buffalonian with relatives in Fort Erie, Ontario, I knew about the quality of Canadian goods and services! The well written books on violin making have provided useful technical information to assist in my refinishing task, while reducing my risk of ruining the instrument. Rest assured I'll be back for more. Thanks, Sam Markello, Ph.D., Kansas
I have received the violin case - it arrived on Monday morning. I am very pleased with it, as well as your rates. Thank you very much! I will certainly keep your website in mind for any future needs I might have with regard to my violin. Also, I very much enjoyed the photos of the violins you have for sale! I have rarely seen so many beautiful violins in one place.
Thank you again!
Colleen E. Miller, New Mexico
I am very happy with the quality of the bows you sent me. I know at that price range it is hard to find consistency in quality. Yours were all very good.
Thanks again for all your help and patience.
Bruce McKay, Colorado
Dear Leif,
Thank you for your Email. I inspected the violin carefully. It is flawless with regard to workmanship and the way the instrument has been handled from the maker to the owner.
I played it a couple times. I love the sweet sound of it. It is my pleasure to own and play this beautiful instrument. There a lot in the market I had been searching for, but this is the one.
I recognize your quality and reliability of service to your customer like me. Regardless of distance,
your service meets or exceeds my expectations. I wish you a very successful business. Amata Sos, California
Mr. Luscombe's website is the best for violins that I have seen. I purchased a violin from Mr. Luscombe a few months ago. It is a beautiful instrument and has a wonderful sound. I thoroughly enjoying playing this handsome violin.
The service which Mr. Luscombe gives his customers is unsurpassed.
The quality of the instrument which I purchased is superb. I would highly recommend his instruments and services.
Barbara Kleinhans, Colorado
We picked up the case today. It appears to be of the highest quality. It actually is better than described... Thanks again. Christopher Bevers, Washington
The violin outfit arrived today. The sound of the Gliga violin is exquisite; its tone is sweet and powerful, far better than what I expected. It is easy to see how carefully you select the instruments and accessories you offer. Thanks for your impeccable service. Jorge Pliego, Pennsylvania


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