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Updated September 14, 2007

Violin and Guitar Tuners

Various - Fine Tuners - Tuners - Metronomes - Mutes - Shoulder Rests

We offer a comprehensive selection of electronic tuners and metronomes, as well as traditional tuning forks.

Tuning Forks and Pitch Pipes
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#14-940 Wittner round, A-440 (4 1/8")
#14-941 Wittner round, A-440 (4 3/4")
#14-942 Wittner square A-440 (4 3/4")

#14-945 With resonance body and striker

A-440, tuned Spruce resonance box.
#14-949 Pitch Pipe, E A D G

For violin and mandolin.
#14-949C Pitch Pipe, A D G C

For viola and cello.

Dedicated Electronic Tuners
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#14-IP100 'Intelli Pickup'

Clips on instrument

Plugs into any IntelliTuner

For touch tuning - not affected by room noise

#14-PT1 'IntelliTouch Tuner'

Chromatic tuner. Clips on instrument, backlit display, programmable, includes case.

#14-PT2 'IntelliTouch Tuner - Barebone'

Clips on instrument, LCD display, three preset calibrations.


Electronic Tuner/Metro/Thermo/Hygro Combos
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#14-IMT202 'Intelli' Metronome/Tuner 3-in-1 Digital Guitar/Chromatic Tuner & Metronome

Accurate and Intelligent Metronome - suitable for all instruments and voice
- Accurate and Intelligent Guitar/Chromatic Tuner (no reference tones)
- Wide Screen LCD Meter - Slim and Compact Design
- Synthesized Digital Sound for Loud and Clear Tone
- Built-in Retractable Stand on back
- AAA Batteries Included

Specifications and features

#14-MT25 'Sorinuri' Metro-Tuner

LED chromatic tuner & pitch tone with multi-beat metronome

#14-MTR33 'Sorinuri' Metro-Tuner

Same features as MT22, plus 4 minute record/playback feature


Electronic Metronomes
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#14-IM20 - Dual Digital Metronome & Reference Pitch Generator

Accurate and Intelligent Metronome

Slim and Compact Design

Dual Digital Metronome and Reference Pitch Generator

Specifications and features


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